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Matt Adams is a member of The Society of International Media & Press Photographers

Matt Adams
Innerlight Racing
Mobile:- +44 7973 716 635
facebook:- Innerlight Racing

Matt has been a professional photographer for well over twenty years, winning many awards, and being published in newspapers and magazines worldwide. He has been a fan of horse racing since his days as a schoolboy who used to go to his friendís house every Saturday morning and spread out The Sporting Life on the floor to pick the winners for the days racing on TV. It was a natural progression therefore, that at some point he would combine these two great passions. "I received loads of help and tips to help me improve on all aspects of my photography and was exceedingly lucky to have Mike McNamee FRPS, editor of Professional Image Maker magazine, take me under his wing. There is not much Mike does not know about photography, sports photography in particular. I consider myself so lucky that I learned my skills in an era before cameras became all-singing, all-dancing electronic photocopying machines. By learning on very basic equipment, I had to learn the craft from beginning to end; it really helps to understand what photography is all about. Photography to me is not just about capturing a moment of light, it is about capturing the essence or spirit of the scene, it is about taking control of my image making, and creating the image, I want to capture by knowing my equipment as if it were part of me. I try to always shoot with the end result in mind, and work backwards.''

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