simpp member Ian Watts

Ian Watts is a member of The Society of International Media & Press Photographers

Ian Watts
Lakeland Photo Centre
Unit 1, LGF Walker's Boathouse
Ferry Road
LA23 3JH

Tel:- +44 7707 582 887
facebook:- Lakeland Photo Centre

Lakeland Photo Centre is a beautiful converted boathouse overlooking Lake Windermere. It is owned and operated by Ian Watts - a Training Professional & Professional Photographer I see myself as a Photography Coach first and Photographer second and my ambition is to help my clients to be the best photographers they can be - whether they come to me as complete beginners or working pros. I’m enthusiastic and fascinated by advances in technology and the possibilities of today’s cameras, whilst retaining a solid understanding of the basic principles of photography. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and photographic expertise using my training career experience and insider knowledge of the English Lake District.

I have an honours degree in engineering followed by many years in Sales & Marketing roles before shifting sideways and designing and delivering skills and product knowledge training courses for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Lexus Europe, IBM, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. For 30 years I have specialised in making complex features and techniques easily understandable to non-technical people - including the latest digital cameras!

I have over 40 years experience of interchangeable lens camera systems and became a full-time Professional Event Photographer following a lifestyle change in 2010. I enjoy the challenge of capturing the action on just about any sports event - the faster the better – and I have over 2 million dog sports and equine show jumping images to add to those from my lifelong passions: motor sports and wildlife.

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